Is your conservatory looking a bit tired and dated? Does it look like something from the 80’s. Well the chances are that’s due to the fact that it is white or wood coloured. A replacement conservatory is a huge investment, anywhere from £12,000 to £25,000 for a standard conservatory. Why go to all of that expense when you can have a complete colour make-over (including full valet) for a fraction of the price. We take great care to mask all of the areas that don’t need spraying, sheet up so there are no over sprays and leave you with a totally revitalised conservatory. Something to be proud of and something you can show your friends and family with pride. Don’t forget, this isn’t ordinary paint, it is professionally developed for just this application and forms a molecular bond with the surface of your uPVC. There are no brush marks and it is guaranteed for 10 years. What’s more, you have a complete choice of colour and finish – matt, satin, gloss of a very trendy textured finish. Give us a call to find out more.

The paint product we use has been used in Canada for over 20 years and is tried and tested in all weather conditions. We are the only company in the UK to use this product as it has many advantages over other similar products in the sector. D200 (the product name) is a high performance single application exterior water based coating system designed for direct application (no primer) to PVC, Cellular PVC, Fiberglass Timber and Aluminium. It is extremely fast air drying and has very quick clean up times. D200 is formulated with heat reflective pigments to minimize heat gain for dark colors, and is considered non–hazardous by EPA standards. D200 exceeds all environmental and performance standard. D200 Process Advantages 1 K System – N hardener which means no waste and very long pot life. Hundreds of colours are available with quick turnaround color matching service. No primer required. Both factory and field prep is as simple as a wash down with AquaSurTech’sVinylKleen and VinylPrep. Water is used for cleanup. Highly suitable for HVLP (High Volume, Low pressure Spray on). 2 mm dry film thickness provides a smooth “factory finish”. Ideally suited for both field and in-plant applications. Can be applied in a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. Safe, odorless, and non-toxic. Quick drying.